Agent FAQ

  • Why choose to become a CCFX agent?

  • Based on the provision of low spreads to our customers, the commission we provide is relatively competitive in the industry. Become a CCFX partner and you will receive a high level of service from global forex brokers.

  • Become an agent of CCFX, do I need to trade myself?

  • Once you become an agent, you don't have to trade on your own. Instead, what you need to understand is the real time financial market events and knowledge, as well as online trading experience, which is beneficial for you and your potential customers.

  • What is a dedicated account opening link?

  • This is a dedicated account opening link customized for each agent. With this link, all referral customers could be referred to the agent account.

  • Can we use other promotional materials, not limited to what CCFX provide to agents?

  • You can use the promotional materials we provide to you. Other promotional materials should be used after approval. Please consult your account manager before use.

  • What is a subagent?

  • It is the subordinate agent that you introduce. CCFX's agent program includes multiple commissions, that is, part of the commission comes from your direct customers, and another part can come from customers of your subordinate agents.

  • When is my commission settled into my account?

  • After your customer opens a live account through your account opening link and start trading, the commission generated by the closing order will be automatically settled into your agent account.

  • As an agent, what is my income?

  • Your income depends on your enthusiasm to introduce more customers and agents. The amount of revenue is calculated based on the total volume your customers traded. But this is not all, you can look for a subordinate agent to get commissions from other customers' transactions.

  • How can I view my commission details report?

  • When your agent account is activated, you can log in to the User Center to view the commission details.

  • How can I withdraw my own funds?

  • You can log in to the User Center to submit a withdrawal request.

  • What is the period of commission payment?

  • Commissions will be settled into your agent account in real time based on the volume customers traded, as such agents can make a request of commissions withdrawal. We will process the withdrawal as soon as possible.

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